Cleo and the Kweens is a proud queer comedy troupe that spread their gay-agenda through stand-up, online sketches and live shows. Our goals as a collective are to:

  1. Increase engagement with LGBT+ culture and events with community members and allies alike.
  2. Highlight opportunities for engagement with members of the community that are currently under-represented and/or have limited entertainment opportunities.
  3. Provide a platform for emerging artists from all backgrounds to develop and hone their skills in a supportive environment.
  4. And ultimately, have fun with our audiences as a positive ambassador for the LGBT+ community.

Meet our




Cleo aka AJ is a queer comedian, who has directed, produced and starred in digital and live productions. His current work focuses on inclusion and engagement within the arts with a particular focus in the Pride community through his artistic residency program, TAFFEE, ran at the Imperial Hotel Erskineville and his work on the Membership Committee with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

As well as producing shows, he is a regular on the Sydney comedy circuit whether with stand-up, storytelling or MC’ing events.

AJ Lamarque

Founder of Cleo and the Kweens


Kween of the Animorph

Once billed as a “Very Funny Lady”, creative writer and strategist Bec Melrose (VfL.) is courageously baring all on the comedy scene. Her wit and vulnerable style have made her a hit at Story Club, A Likely Story, improv troupe Post-Its and as a founding member of Cleo and the Kweens. Her much loved character Ibis has attracted fan and foe, campaigning to protect and promote the rights of bird-kind. Bec has studied with faculty from UCB, Improv Theatre Sydney, iO and SNL and won Australia’s biggest comedy competition, Raw Comedy in 2018.



A Pile of Dice in a Trenchcoat

Peak Distapan is trying to take the world record for most simultaneous DnD campaigns, dead or alive. Peak is an illustrator and capital ‘C’ Creative having worked in design, print production, and content management for over five years. On stage, he’s the Dungeons and Drag Kweens resident Dungeon Master, where he concocts dastardly story arcs and intricate plot threads for his players to ignore. Behind the DM Screen, Peak’s a fierce production manager as well as the senior organiser for Sydney Gaymers, doing his darndest to champion diversity in gaming.


Child’s-Size Pocket Rocket

A “dedicated” student, comedian and professional chocolate taster. Hitting the comedy scene in 2017, Sienna has performed at the Underbelly Arts Festival, You Can Have It All” directed by Laurence Rosier Staines and appears in “Little Monsters”, set to be released at the end of 2018. In addition to production experience with ABC’s “The Checkout”, Sienna is the youngest graduate of Improv Theatre Sydney’s main program and was a State Finalist in the 2017 MICF Class Clowns Competition.

Gay and Stupid-466 Square


Gay and Stupid

John Robles is an award winning improviser, sketch performer, and stand up comedian. With improv training from Improv Theatre Sydney, UCB New York, and iO Chicago; he has gone on to be second-runner up in the NSW Cranston Cup Theatresports competition in 2017, a semi-finalist of the NSW RAW Comedy Competition in 2018, and winner of the 2017 Impro Australia Golden Goose Award. He can be found every month performing with Dungeons and Drag Kweens as Sabrina Deluce, a half-elf ba(r)d bitch who doesn’t need a man (but would like one very much, if possible). John also performs regularly with Snake Pit, an improv troupe he founded with two best friends.


Clowning Extraordinaire

A Sydney based clown/comic/sometimes serious actor, Debbie performs with improv troupe Post ItsCleo and The Kweens and sketch company The Kvetch Set Collective. She has performed at festivals around Australia with the likes of ‘The Gonzo Hour’ but also caters for young audiences with the successful ‘You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese’. She has trained with renowned, clown-master Philippe Gaulier (Paris) and in the Meisner approach at Ward Studio (NYC).



AHS (Australian Hammer Story)

Jack is a home grown Australia variety Gay™, D&D nerd and improviser, with countless improvised character deaths under his belt (they were all deeply emotional). He can be found stalking comedy podcasts, slamming down a superior healing potion and attempting to sweet talk goblins most days of the week. Jack is part of the Dungeons and Drag Kweens cast and stars as Miriam Gargoyles, a Dwarven Ranger of the Xan’Moxie Park Wilds. Armed with her trusty hammer and an exceptionally bad charisma score – she’s ready for anything, except most dinner parties…