Sydney’s Gayest and Nerdiest Show

Combining improvised storytelling, comedy and drag, three comedy Kweens navigate their way through the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons in their made-up camp and mystical city of Xan’Moxie. Accompanying the story are lip-sync performances by up and coming queens collectively known as ‘The Muses’.

Each month, the Basement of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville is converted into a retro speakeasy (with personal bar included) where you can chat with like-minded individuals of all backgrounds in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

A Sydney cult classic on the LGBT+ Scene, the show (and podcast) is a must see (and listen) if you love Drag Culture and Comedy!

Recap on the




Miriam Gargoyles

Dwarven Ranger

She’s sweeter than haggis and stronger than caber. Miriam wants to be recognised first as Park Ranger of the Xan’moxie Park Wilds, and second most as a Dwarven woman trying to make it in the age of ‘social interaction’. 


Sabrina Deluce

Half-elf Bard

Sabrina spent one and a half years at acting school after which she decided it was too serious and dropped out. She now works as a shopkeep in her senile uncle’s store of magical curios. She can enchant a crowd with performances of song, dance, and stand up comedy; and her famous zingers have caused some men to literally go insane. 


Cleo Fallcharges

High-Elf Warlock

Cleo works as a corporate lawyer for a demonic legal firm, her boss also being her patron. She’s very glamorous, and has a very fragile ego. If Cleo isn’t treated like a member of the upper class there’s a high chance she’ll throw the book and the briefcase at you. 

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Dungeons and Drag Kweens is proud to be a community hub not just for LGBT+ gaming enthusiasts, but for people from all walks of life.

Our live shows always sell out, attracting over 80 people each time to the Imperial Hotel and our growing podcast figures allows us to reach keen audiences that are not always physically able to attend. Therefore, we value the importance of partnering with different organisations to not only reach our goals but to share opportunities with our avid followers.

We are always on the look out for potential partners to support our reach in the community!

If you think we could make magic together, get in touch via the form below. Whether that be through guest appearances on the show, joint marketing ventures or financial support we’d love to work with you!