The Comedian & Storyteller:


Cleo is a Queer comedian and storyteller based in Sydney.

Her natural charm and charismatic personality has made her a well-known personality in the LGBTQIA+ community, having hosted and performed in numerous events including her own nights Kweens of Comedy and Dungeons & Drag Kweens which have fast become staples in Sydney’s Queer community.

Outside of the Queer space, Cleo has performed in Bondi Feast, Sydney Comedy and Fringe Festivals, Crips & Creeps, Tuesday Tonic, A Likely Story and the Novato Festival to name just a few. She’s the self-declared Kween of Comedy who’s core values of integrity and inclusion are unmissable in her performances.

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The Producer & Consultant:


As a producer, AJ has worked on numerous productions and exhibitions across Sydney with current plans for projects in Melbourne as well.

Previously, AJ worked at the Sydney Opera House, with a focus on Strategic Development and Project Management having worked directly on the current Artistic Strategy, the 45th Year Festival and the Reconciliation Action Plan. He currently volunteers with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Membership Committee and is the Project Lead on their current Name Change Engagement Campaign.

He’s developed a strong strategic mind, specifically in the context of organisations with complex stakeholder networks and those that have an Arts industry focus.

To learn more about the producing/consulting side to Cleo and the Kweens, see below.

Cleo and the Kween's

Cleo and the Kweens is a production and consulting business run by AJ. Under the banner of Cleo and the Kweens, AJ runs two monthly shows Kweens of Comedy & Dungeons & Drag Kweens with a new show currently being developed. She also consults with businesses and producers around how to refine, strategise and execute their visions in a low-budget, low-resource environment. Cleo and the Kweens have 3 main objectives:
  1. To create and support opportunities for storytelling and comedy through building engaged, inspired and connected communities.

  2. To create and support art, advocacy and community platforms for LGBTQIA+ individuals and businesses.

  3. To support businesses looking to build and engage with their communities through consultation on strategic planning, research and development.


If you’re interested in learning more or want to talk to us about your goals or current struggles, fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.