AJ Lamarque

Making the NSW Raw Comedy State Finals in 2020, AJ Lamarque is a proud Mixed Raced comedian with an effortlessly cool demeanour on stage – a result of his skillful writing, quiet confidence and a touch of sass.

AJ has written for a myriad of digital productions and has appeared on podcasts such as Wax Quizzical, Dungeons & Drag Queers, Acquisitions Incorporated as well as being a regular contributor for Justin Hamilton’s Big Squid series.

You may have seen AJ at The Comedy Store, the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase and Best of the Fest shows, The Comedy Lounge, PAXAUS and Comic Con, just to name a few.

A kindhearted comedian and artist who wants to remind us that we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves.

Sydney Morning Herald

Previous Work

TV & Podcasts & Writers Rooms, oh my!

I’ve jumped in front of the camera with brands including the Queen Victoria Building & Optus, appeared on podcasts including Wax Quizzical and Big Squid and worked in a plethora of writing rooms too! If you’re keen to work on something together, get in touch here.