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Welcome to the City of Xan’Moxie

Welcome to Dungeons an Drag Queers, the home of camp adventuring, retro aesthetics and classy innuendoes. 

We’re a comedy podcast series based on the legendary game that is Dungeons & Dragons. Our Sydney-based comedians delve into a plethora of eclectic storylines to deliver an adventure that is as chaotic as it is beautifully camp. We’re all proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community and channel our perspectives, humour and quirky characters into the fictitious world of Xan’Moxie to, hopefully, make you laugh!   

So, have a browse around the site, check out the adventure so far and, if you’re a fan, share some love on the details below.

Tune In

Xan’Moxie – The City that hasn’t slept in years!

You can check out the journey so far on all major podcasting platforms or just click play below.

If you want to see the faces behind our heroes, we stream live on Twitch every Tuesday Fortnight, 7pm AEST.

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Our Heroes

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Miriam Gargoyles

“And I Hit it. With my Hammer.”

Dwarven Ranger and Xan’Moxie Wild’s Park Ranger, Miriam is not shy when it things get muddy. But put her in a social situation and, well … good luck I suppose?

Tom Tomcat

Hey Kitty Girl, it’s your world. 

As a Tabaxi Rogue, Tom is naturally extremely passionate about cooking. An emerging chef on the rise in Xan’Moxie means that he’s never afraid to give his enemies their just desserts.

Cleo Fallcharges

“No one cares about your failing marriage Janice”

High-Elf Warlock and part of the social elite, Cleo is no stranger to the niceties of life. Whilst she may find it hard to relate to the commoners, deep, deep down she’s got a heart of gold.

Mr. Peak

The DM up in your DMs

Half God, Half-Dungeon Master, Peak knows his stuff when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons. He’s also the voice of all the amazing NPCs in the universe so we’re just waiting to see when he’ll get nominated for an Oscar for his work.


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