English Breakfast as a comedy show is new and original in the way it effortlessly spins together anecdotes with well-placed witticisms and criticisms. Lamarque will definitely have everyone laughing while instilling every individual with a reminder to be kinder and truer to oneself in the face of a society that is not always as warm and welcoming as a cup of tea.”


“[English Breakfast is] a roaring success, due to the open, welcoming presence Lamarque brings and the highly relatable, intelligently funny and gently hopeful content of his jokes. He has created a truly safe and cathartic collective experience that is nurturing, challenging and laugh-out-loud funny.”

Theatre Travels


“A fast rising star performer and producer in Sydney’s comedy scene, Lamarque is a quick witted overachiever (and a snappy dresser to boot).”


“You are incredibly charismatic and super endearing on stage-it was very inspiring to see your show.”

“You are such a great storyteller and so skilled at building a relationship with your audience. I had such a wonderful night.”

“The show is so bloody good I hope you know how clever and brilliant you are. You made us feel so comfortable you could have gone full Nanette and we would have left feeling warm and fuzzy you are so talented.”

“WHAT A SHOW! WE ALL LOVED IT!!! Literally WOW! You went beyond all my wildest expectations, literally we were all raving about you. CONGRATULATIONS.”

“Lamarque’s stand-up craft is like a scented mind missile, hitting its target with precise panache.”

The Age

“AJ is charming, witty & full of panache.”

Concrete Playground

“A powerhouse in the Sydney comedy scene being both a brilliant performer and a caring community leader”

A Modern Gay’s Guide