I’m very excited to launch the Comedy Initiative, a new approach to creating development opportunities within the Comedy industry and encouraging new and diverse voices to get on stage.

In Australia, the Comedy industry is one that lacks a lot of the infrastructure that other art forms have. There are no unions, grants, nationally accredited training programs and most performance opportunities are unpaid.

The Comedy Initiative aims to change the tide and create a positive impact on the industry overall.

The Comedy Initiative’s flagship program, the Newcomers Program, officially launched today too, marking the 3rd edition of the program since 2020. Previous participants have gone on to perform at shows across Sydney and interstate during such as Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020.

The Newcomers Program will hopefully be the first in a series of levels that help to provide opportunities for comedians at different stages of their career all whilst building connections within the industry and increasing knowledge sharing overall.

We’re looking to partner with local & interstate organisations to help reach and support as many individuals as possible, so if you think that could be you, send me a message and let’s chat!

To learn more, visit the Comedy Initiative page and if you’re also a budding comedian in the making, apply for our July 2021 intake for the Newcomers Program here.

All the love,

Newcomers Program cohort- October 2020