“This show is funny and AJ does a really deft job of balancing the earnest and the ridiculous, plus he’s got some really sharp zingers.”

Melbourne Fringe Audience – Toby

“Such a comforting show, AJ makes everyone feel comfortable whilst diving into deep themes. The show is hilarious, wholesome and giving!”

Melbourne Fringe Audience – Matcho

“It was funny, relatable, intelligent, humble and informative. AJ has a gift for storytelling and shares in a way that is both vulnerable and courageous.”

Melbourne Fringe Audience – Julia

English Breakfast as a comedy show is new and original in the way it effortlessly spins together anecdotes with well-placed witticisms and criticisms. Lamarque will definitely have everyone laughing while instilling every individual with a reminder to be kinder and truer to oneself in the face of a society that is not always as warm and welcoming as a cup of tea.”


“[English Breakfast is] a roaring success, due to the open, welcoming presence Lamarque brings and the highly relatable, intelligently funny and gently hopeful content of his jokes. He has created a truly safe and cathartic collective experience that is nurturing, challenging and laugh-out-loud funny.”

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English Breakfast is a stand-up show, injected with silly radio play style soundbites, layered with beautiful storytelling, and dusted off with a mix of profoundly honest and vulnerable truths.”