The Kweens of Comedy Newcomers Program was created to provide an inclusive space for new voices to start stand-up. It’s a comprehensive 101 on how to get on stage, perform your first set and get started in your comedy career!

As a participant of the program, you’ll attend a one-day workshop where you’ll learn the industry fundamentals, how to approach getting performance opportunities and ask any questions you have about the scene in general. Think of it as a vocational approach to doing stand-up, rather than a course about writing jokes.

During the session, you’ll get to workshop your own jokes with some of Sydney’s best comedy minds. Don’t worry though, it’s not about people telling you what’s funny or not, comedy is subjective, but you’ll receive support and guidance based on the experience of the mentors and general tricks of the trade.

Then, the following Friday you’ll perform to a live audience as part of the Showcase show, with a guaranteed welcoming audience and some high-quality snaps of your performance too.

After this program, you’ll be set to head out into the comedy world and start entertaining audiences across the city (and beyond!).

The Newcomers Program runs every January and July. 

Applications are now open. You can fill out the EOI form here. Applications close on Monday 8 July, 5pm. 

Previous Programs

If you want to dive into stand-up and would like mentoring and advice from some of Sydney’s best comedic minds, this is the program for you.

The program is eligible for stand-up comedians who have performed stand-up 6 times or less and adhere to our values of creating an inclusive space. We generally recommend people have some stand-up experience, even if that’s just in attending shows.

How much does it cost? Nothing. This program is absolutely free.

But how do cover your costs? We earn money to cover the costs of the program through ticket sales. We’re also trying explore grants but no luck there yet. If you’re keen to show your support of the free access program then encouraging your friends and family to get tickets to Kweens of Comedy shows is the way to go!

What are inclusive values? We want to create a space where people from all backgrounds can feel welcome. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or discriminatory behaviour in any way will not be tolerated.

What is wheelchair accessibility like? Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Why 6 performances or less? We want to ensure that everyone has a similar level of performing experience so that the workshop sessions are valuable to everyone.

I’m not sure about stand-up, is this for me? The workshop is a very informative day and is designed for those who are itching to learn. We try to run the program every 6 months so if you’re not feeling it 100% now, you can always apply for a later program.

How are the final applicants selected? All eligible EOIs are selected by a random number generator. So, don’t feel bad if you don’t get in this time, it’s not personal at all, you can always apply for future programs.

Can I do the program remotely? Unfortunately we’re unable to accept digital or out of state participants. You’ll have to be able to attend both the workshop and the showcase in Sydney.

Previous Mentors

We’re super proud to have helped the following alumni take to the stage and begin their own comedy journeys!

David Allsopp, Maddie Arsenault, Jenna Butcher, Annie Boyle, Sarah Carroll, Alisha Cheong, Lee Constable, Sean Corcoran, Hannah Cox, RJ Daligcon, Georgie Daniels, Romeo Delinicolas, Chanika Desilva, Tyler Dias, Alyssa Dimarucut, Carla Field, Natanyah Forbes, Jeremy Franco, Rizcel Gagawanan, Jack Gamble, Louise Gong, Katherine Hall, Krutika Harale, Cameron Havasi, Mike Hitch, Lara Holmes, Amanda Hood, Riccardo Ingle, Matthew Jackson, Reuben Johnson, Pankaj Kawatra, Chris Knight, Kripa Krithivasan, Monica Kumar, Leanne Mangan, Mark Mariano, Cyndal McInerney, Kelly McLoughlin, Josephine Massingham, Oliver Moore, Sean Moran, Nicole Murch, Damon Neame, Josh Ng, Kevin Nguyen, Maddie Parker, Zachariah Partridge, Andy Procopis, MC Sabbagh, Yasemin Sabuncu, Maree Seminovas, Emilie Sheehan, Sanjeev Singh, Jose Talite, Kate Wilkins, and Wen Wu.