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Review: Darwin’s Reptilia

Review: Darwin's Reptilia By AJ Lamarque Darwin’s Reptilia, written by Charlie Falkner, is a comedic exploration of personal ambition vs societal obligation. Set in a rundown motel in Darwin, Australia, a group of five characters find themselves trapped due to an unusual crocodile infestation overtaking the city. With the scorching summer heat confining them to The…

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Review: Beyond the Break

Review: Beyond the Break By AJ Lamarque When someone mentions a “one-person” theatre piece, my gut instinct is to run for the hills. I’m immediately triggered by those horrible experiences where, for the sake of art, someone inserts weird objects into their orificries and screams at the audience for the whole hour to prove some…

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Review: Saturday Girls

Review: Saturday Girls By AJ Lamarque For those wanting to avoid spoilers, Saturday Girls is a funny, sweet and charming new work as part of Belvoir’s 25A 2023 program. I would recommend the play to anyone wanting a great night out at the theatre and enjoys laughing at the innocence (and cringiness) of our high…

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Forget AI, why Viralism is costing you your job

Forget AI, why Viralism is costing you your job By AJ Lamarque In a landscape dominated by conversations around AI, there’s another more subversive form of technological change at play that is creating an entirely new form of social divide: Viralism.   If it’s not a phrase already, I, AJ Lamarque, am coining it: Viralism —…

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Review: Forgetting Tim Minchin

Review: Forgetting Tim Minchin By AJ Lamarque For those wanting to avoid spoilers, just know the show is worth watching. Funny, surprising and moving, it’s a must-see piece of Australian new writing. Get tickets before the season closes on 29 July! Ok, now for my thoughts and spoilers… To me, there felt like three main…

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